Master Myong Kim (Micky)

Master Kim’s has participated in the advancement of Tae Kwon Do. They have performed in many demonstrations. Not only this, they performed with the Korean All-Star Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team in 1995. One of Master Kim’s has made it to the Finals of 1996 nationals and Gold medalist in International L.A. Open 1999.  Master Kim’s has been in many tournaments becoming gold medalist. They have experience in weapons call Sulsa-Do which is Korean Ninja style, competition, and Tae Kwon Do self-defense instruction. Master Kim spent many years teaching at the Golden school with his brother. In addition to traditional tae kwon do he is an expert in kumdo or Korean swordsmanship.   Currently Master Kim’s are teaching in a school in Louisville Taekwondo Family Center also had been head coach at UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO@BOULDER for 7years.